Chairman’s Message

“SVS Educational Institutions”, a friendly and lively educational community welcomes each one of you to our campus. Our academic scenario is student friendly ensuring quality education and provides a unique platform for personal and professional development. We are proud to be one among the innovative educators around the globe. We set educational benchmark. Our educational charity provides free education for talented minds. We research on education and initiate the journey of educational transformation.

We invest on psychological research to understand our students better. The social and ecological awareness are instilled in each and every student for creating a better tomorrow. When it comes to career, we guarantee 100% success ratio. We develop the educational and practical intellectuality in order to make every student employable for future business needs. Our tutors are shaped with international tutoring methodologies and mapping or evaluating standards to provide a fake free quality education. In my career as industrialist, I have crossed many roads with ups and downs. The ups gave me the enthusiastic approach to face the downs. The time is the best teacher for life. The higher we grow, one must be aware of social responsibilities. Highlighting this, SVS always encourage the focused students. We fight against illiteracy by eradicating educational differences. We initiate global integrity by creating unique educational platform. On behalf of SVS family, I call the innovative minds and inspirational students to join hands to create value educational chain.