Vision & Mission


To become a centre of excellence in architecture, its pedagogy and research.

  • SVS School of Arch.  will be a place where faculty and staff are engaged in a vibrant educational setting and where students find meaning and inspiration in the pursuit of their professional goals.
  • SVS School of Arch.  will grow its commitment to sustainable design and dynamic program development by anticipating the ever-changing needs of our students and the professions we serve.
  • SVS School of Arch.  will be a leading contributor to the design professionals around the globe as the  institution within the Anna University network for architecture education.
  • SVS School of Arch.  will be practice-oriented, student-centric, and contribute to unique and interactive setup at a scenic and inspiring educational environment.


  • To maintain and develop a stimulating teaching-learning and research environment
  • To seek, acknowledge and nurture individual student talent and skill
  • To prepare students for creative, diligent and responsible thinking and architectural practice.
  • To adopt high benchmarks for faculty and student output
  • To develop strong partnerships with the industry
  • To support the industry in its requirements as appropriate



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